Career Programs

Sales Training 101

Sales Training 101 is a course designed to prepare new employees with the foundation of best practices for sales consultants.

As a new employee, you will be placed in the week long course immediately after you are hired. The course will define the “12 steps of the road to the sale”. Other components of the course include working with a customer relations management (CRM) system, basic phone skills, and internet retail. Once you complete the course you will start at the dealership. One week of training is never enough; luckily we have sales trainers who will follow up with you 30, 60 and days 90 into your job to help you along the way.

Fixed-Operations Training 101

In a fast-paced environment it’s crucial for you to have a head-start on basics before serving customers. Service Training 101 is designed to prepare Asbury service advisors for the first day of work in the Service Department.

This course begins with an introduction to the company before moving to the expectations of the business, traits of top advisors:

Finance & Insurance Training

The Finance & Insurance Training course is designed to prepare you with an understanding of the duties of an automotive financial service manager. Asbury is proud to offer its customers a variety of products that they can purchase to help further protect their vehicle. As a finance manager, it’s important that our customers are educated on all of the available products:

The course will introduce you to company and state regulated polices, state regulated products, discussing paperwork with a customer, discussing APR rates, understanding bank fees, the delivery process, dealing with manufacturer and third party lenders, and giving a menu presentation. We will also teach you how to read a credit application, pull a bureau, and how to prevent fraud.

Asbury Manager Training (AMT)

Asbury Manager Training (AMT) is a curriculum designed to help prepare associates transitioning from individual contributor roles to middle management. In addition to Asbury’s HR Guide for Managers, Human Resources will lead a 10-course manager training program. The first module, Workplace Compliance, was conducted in the spring for all company managers who have direct reports. The second module, Motivating/Coaching/Counseling & Terminations, will be held during the summer. Future classes will include training on topics such as Interviewing & Selecting Successful Associates, Workplace Violence and Performance Management. The goal of AMT is to make the entire curriculum available for all newly promoted or newly hired managers to view on demand. The HR department is excited to offer these training classes to enhance managers’ skills, gain valuable new skills and expand the professional opportunities for Asbury’s managers.

General Manager On-Boarding

The most important role of a dealership is the General Manager, and we want to make sure our general managers are prepared and ready to be the captain of their ship. The General Manager on-boarding program is designed to go over all of the major facets of our business. Each of our corporate director’s will discuss their specific department and give an overview.