Women in Automotive

Women in the automotive industry are critical to our success. At Asbury we like to recognize our top women and commend them on their successful journeys to the top! These women play a significant role in our company. They help develop and mentor other women on the rise and they demonstrate positive energetic attitudes! Please take a moment to read about their story and maybe it will help you find yours!

Sonia Heredia

“My career began as the General Manager of David McDavid Acura in Austin, Texas. After three years in Austin, I was promoted to General Manager at David McDavid Honda of Irving where I served for two years. Currently, I'm beginning my third year as the General Manager at McDavid Honda of Frisco. Throughout my career with David McDavid, I've been surrounded with a great team of hard-working, dedicated employees, supportive superiors and a very loving family. I contribute my successes to them. With three children at home and family life being important to me, Asbury's 'work hard, play hard' motto allows me to balance and blend my work life with my personal/family life. I am truly honored to be a member of the Asbury Automotive Group."

~ Sonia Heredia, General Manager, David McDavid

Susan Najjar

“I started with Asbury as a sales consultant in November 2007. What I love about Asbury is the “family” I work with at McDavid Lincoln. We work together so well and often that we see our team as much as our own family. It’s always been my opinion that in order to be successful in this business, you have to respect the people you are working with and believe in your product. I’ve grown my career at Asbury by providing excellent customer experience, working the service drive and feeling ambitious every day. I totally believe in taking care of the customer from the beginning. I always get involved with the customer’s needs whether it’s service, collision, or parts. We are fortunate enough to have the tools from Asbury and I know that people really appreciate the support.”

~ Susan Najjar, Sales Consultant, David McDavid

Jennifer Rhodes

“I started working for Asbury as a service cashier in January 1996. Throughout the years, I’ve held many positions as I continued my growth with the company. My motivation stems from my customers, how I can help them and providing the best customer experience for them. When I get return customers, I know I’ve been successful at my job. These are folks I’ve known and assisted for a long time; they know they can trust me and our store.”

~ Jennifer Rhodes, Service Advisor, Nalley

Fatou Barry

“I started working for Asbury in 2013 as a service advisor at Lexus Galleria. What I love about our company is that there is so much opportunity for growth. I went from working as service advisor to being in Human Resources in a matter of a year. I have been with the company a little less then three years and I have been promoted twice. I am looking forward to continuous growth with the Asbury family.”

~ Fatou Barry, Human Resources Generalist, Nalley & Greenville

Tonia Zellmer

“I joined Asbury in 2006, at Plaza Mercedes as a service advisor. I also provided training for all new service advisors while I helped as much as possible when I was needed. My career flourished as I learned more and assisted in various areas of the business. Now as a fixed operations trainer, I tell new employees they all have a chance to grow a career with Asbury, just as I did. Complementing our advisors on their success has rewarded me with my purpose.”

~ Tonia Zellmer, Fixed Operations Trainer

Amy Evans

“I started working for the David McDavid Auto Group in 1996 as a cashier in the Accounting Office. After that, I held many positions in the Management Company working for our CFO. I oversaw various projects and implemented many process and policy changes as directed by Asbury for the West Platform. Performing a variety of positions over time gave me the chance to understand the business better and helped me grow my career. I love my job because it’s different every day. It provides me with the opportunity to be creative and to try new things, help people, work on projects and to continually stretch myself in doing things I’m not always comfortable doing. So my job still remains challenging.”

~ Amy Evans, Payroll Manager

Kelly Baker

“I started working for Asbury Automotive in August of 2009. I really like working for Asbury because every day presents new and interesting challenges. I have the opportunity to work closely with the stores and the DSC to anticipate and address compliance risks, even before problems arise. We have so many talented operators, and they always make me feel like a valued part of the team. I wear multiple hats and have experience in many aspects of our business. I spend time in the board room, in state capitals, in service drives and in training rooms. On any given day, I work with F&I managers, accounting managers, manufacturers, bankers, and government regulators. It is unusual for a lawyer to be provided as many different legal and business development opportunities as I have been offered at Asbury.”

~ Kelly Baker, Senior Attorney

Jennifer Dowd

“I started working for Asbury Automotive in December, 1998 as director of Information Systems. Throughout the years, Asbury became like family to me. They have allowed me grow in so many ways; personally and professionally. The support and encouragement Asbury has provided me with cannot be measured. To wake up each day, knowing that you enjoy what you do, is the most rewarding feeling. Unfortunately, at the end of 2012, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, my peers have always have been so amazing, making the transition an easy one. Once I completed my treatments, I was ready to put my energy and focus back into my job. Being a part of the Asbury team has taught me so much. There are so many opportunities to grow within our organization. In Asbury, we have great people who work hard, play hard and love what they do.”

~ Jennifer Dowd, Manager of Standard Processes