Promotions from Within

At Asbury we believe in promoting from within. Hard work, long hours, self-discipline, positive attitudes, and dedication can pay off. Read the below success stories on current employees and how they started from the bottom and rose to the top. Outstanding work Asbury employees!

Chris Blumeyer

“I have been with Asbury Automotive for over 32 years and what a productive three decades has it been! I feel fulfilled and excited about the career I’ve had with our company. Throughout the years, I sold over 15,000 cars and saw the automotive industry change continuously. When I think about my career with Asbury, I feel lucky to be able to continue with such a wonderful company and be a part of its success. Most importantly, Asbury and its people have become a part of my family. That’s why I have fun at work every day!"

~ Chris Blumeyer, Sales Consultant, Plaza Motors

Chris Cobb

“I joined Asbury Automotive in 1994 as a technician at Nalley Lexus Marietta. Over the years, I held many positions including assistant shop manager at Nalley Lexus Roswell, service manager at Nalley Audi North Atlanta, service manager at Nalley Lexus Roswell and Lexus Galleria, service director at Toyota and Lexus of Greenville and service manager at Nalley Lexus Galleria. Now that I am a regional fixed ops director, I plan to focus on enhancing the customer experience, developing our future leadership and building strong sustainable growth for all of our stores. I’m lucky to have a growing career with such an outstanding company like Asbury!”

~ Chris Cobb, Regional Fixed Operations Director, Nalley & Greenville

Trent Shaw

“I started with Asbury Automotive Group in 1989, as a sales associate at Courtesy Pontiac. Over the course of my career I've worked at several of our locations including Courtesy stores Pontiac, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan and Chrysler Jeep Dodge. Some positions I held were F&I manager, finance director, sales manager and general sales manager. I was recently promoted to general manager for Coggin Honda of Ft Pierce, which will continue my growth and understanding of our industry. I feel fortunate to be able to grow with Asbury as I continue to learn from company leaders who prepare associates for challenges. Hard work always pays off within our company. That’s why our motto at Coggin Honda is to strive for success."

~ Trent Shaw, General Manager, Coggin

Blake McCormack

“I joined Asbury Automotive in 2000 as a car washer at Nalley Lexus Roswell. In just a few months, I was promoted to technician at the same location. After becoming a master technician, I was promoted to assistant service manager, then service manager at Nalley Lexus Roswell. Then I received a promotion again in 2011 to service manager at Nalley Lexus Galleria and, in 2012, to service director at Nalley Toyota Roswell. Most recently, I was a service manager at Toyota Stonecrest and now I was promoted to regional fixed operations director. I believe everyone who works hard has a chance to grow a career at Asbury. I’m proud to say I’m part of the Asbury family.”

~ Blake McCormack, Regional Fixed Operations Director, Nalley & Greenville

Todd Flowers

“I joined Asbury in 2004 as a service director after being in various automotive companies. Over the course of my career with Asbury, I’ve held several leadership roles such as Regional Fixed Operations director for the Plaza and David McDavid markets, as well as my current role, market managing director for Missouri. The great quality about Asbury is the entrepreneur spirit they encourage. This helps associates leverage their strengths and develops a high-performance organization. I’m proud to be a member of the Asbury family."

~ Todd Flowers, Market Managing Director, Missouri

Shawn Mendonca

“I joined Asbury in February 2009 as a tax analyst. I really like working for our company because of its people, leadership team, transparency and the challenge. I’m also able to make a difference by implementing new processes which support our stores and our company’s goals. My career grew tremendously with Asbury. I’ve been able to work on various projects in Fixed Asset Management, Bank & Floorplan reconciliation and DSC General Accounting. I’m looking forward to a bright future with Asbury!"

~ Shawn Mendonca, Corporate Accounting Manager

Marlon Woodmore

“I started working for Asbury in November 2013 as a finance manager at Toyota of Greenville. The company has a large presence in the auto industry and with that I have an opportunity to learn from the best and grow my career from within. I was able to seek out a mentor and I constantly ask questions from him and others who have been in the business. I was promoted from finance manager to pre-owned director at Lexus of Greenville and from there to my current role as a regional finance director. I have had the pleasure of working under some of the most talented managers who took the time to develop my career."

~ Marlon Woodmore, Regional Director, Financial Services